gst-python Ogre Demo


06-03-2011 16:43:24

Attached is a very basic gst-python(gstreamer) video demo based on the following link. It's a bit slow so feel free to add any improvements or upload examples of your own. ... e=Cookbook

Not sure if it will run if python-ogre is built without enabling threading.

There is another example here which looks more generic and I'll have a go at porting to Ogre once I'm a bit more familiar with gst-python. ... z/download


16-03-2011 06:02:57

And whilst working with Gtk+ and GStreamer I created a test example using python-ogre with PyGTK if anyone is interested.


28-03-2011 16:58:02

I was looking for something to render an application screen-shot (cairo etc.) from an application when I came across PyGooCanvas, a canvas widget for GTK+ that uses the cairo 2D library for drawing. Attached is a screen shot of a simple application. Is anyone else using PyGooCanvas?