Python-Ogre still actively being developed?


20-03-2011 21:38:59


I am just wondering, is PO still being actively developed? I'd like to use it for a project and it seems that there is not many post lately. This leads me into two possible conclusion:
1. PO is stable, easy to use and for this reason, no post in the forum lately.
2. Everyone is waiting for porting to Py3.x before using the current version.

Thank you.



21-03-2011 23:37:47

it still is supported and i think andy (who is the maintainer) is working on py3k support but noone really is waiting for it as most people work with the current version. I think that every package is maintained properly. Pyogre is very stable and most problems are covered in the wiki or in c++ or c# threads therefore there is only 1 new thread per day or less. normally people only come here when they have problems installing pyogre.


22-03-2011 01:04:06

Thank you for the reply. I'm convinced of no [1] too.


24-03-2011 02:54:30

And yes I'm still maintaining it although these days life (work/kids/etc) doesn't leave a lot of free time..

As mentioned the current version is (touch wood) stable and most people with Ogre issues will ask in the C++ forums as the API's are identical.

Baring any significant issues working towards a Python 3.x release in April..



27-04-2011 05:02:26

Baring any significant issues working towards a Python 3.x release in April

:) Good to hear. Thanks for all your hard work.


27-04-2011 17:23:32

I just wanted to add that I'm also looking forward to python 3.x support, I have been trying to use the Blender Game Engine for my project but I don't think it is going to work out. I started with Python 3 and don't want to get confused! :)