OpenRTSS: Project Under Planning


23-04-2011 07:04:36

Hello there!

First of all, let me tell you how impressed I am by the amount AND quality of the work your team has already undertaken.
I have recently been on a quest to find a quality game engine with python binding, and a first look at what you are doing has ejected Panda3D and Crystal-Space in the dustbin (my personal opinion).
You have taken the "best of the best" opensource game modules, and managed to bind them in a coherent python environment. You deserve much credit for this!!!

Anyway, enough butt licking already! Here is where I come from:

For the past 3 years I have been lead programmer on a game project called "Savage XR".
A great deal of information is available on this youtube site (
The Game was commercial at first, until the company donated the C/C++ source code to a core of community members.
We continued improving the game overtime, but have always suffered from the fact that the code is closed source.

So I am now planning to start again from scrath, and going opensource this time.
The OpenRTSS project will focus on delivering a "RealTime Strategy Shooter" game engine, based on the Savage game concept.
The ultimate aim is to promote this very unique and exciting type of gaming, through an easily mod-able engine.

I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to build OpenRTSS around Python-Ogre.
In turn, this means that I will take an active interest in improving the engine alongside you guys.

I will give more details about the project on this thread in the near future.
In the meantime, please keep up the good work guys!


11-05-2011 13:17:44

Impressive man. I love RTS games, Find a good place to host your open-source code and get people's views about it as well as some publicity.


11-05-2011 13:37:40

The project is hosted on sourceforge:

The design consists of a core engine, with a set of Classes defining the various components (ex: techtree, objects, players, gui system, vote system...).
Each game mod will in turn be made of Classes that inherit these core ones.

I am currently putting in place the various classes that will make up the core engine.
So there ain't much to see yet :-)


11-05-2011 14:54:01

rts games are cool, and python-ogre need more projects. I'm following this thread now. Good luck.


11-05-2011 23:15:26

do this, definitely


08-08-2011 14:00:27

A quick update, to let you know this is actively being worked on!

This project aims to provide a framework for making Python-Ogre game development much faster!
Think of it as a set of "pre-fab" classes for FPS, RTS and RPG (or any combination of the 3!)
Game designers will pick and mix from these classes, and extend them by inheritance.

Most of the elements making up the framework are now in place:
- Basic networking (raknet)
- Interface system (cegui).
- Ogitor scenes loading.
- Input system (based on keybinds)
- Console (inc. commands and variables)
- Config System (inc. teams, races, resources)
- Tech Tree system.

Here is a sample screenie (not much to show, sorry...):

Anyone interested in working on this project is welcome!
In particular, I would like to find someone willing to help with porting Ogitor to Python-Ogre.
Having a PO version of this editor would greatly enhance the appeal of the framework (by making plugin writing so much faster!).

To remind you, our project is hosted at:


12-05-2012 17:36:15

I think what you want is not to port Ogitor to Python Ogre, but to bind Ogitor in Python. That should be much simpler.