Python-Ogre Browser Plugin


02-05-2011 11:54:43

Hi guys, I was wondering how much time and effort would it require to create a Python-Ogre web browser plugin? Since no one has created one yet I might as well be the one to do that. That is how it goes in the Open source world doesn't it? Well I don't even know where to start and How "am" I supposed to do it? Can anyone fill me in ojn the details of the things I may be required to get this going? And also the time and effort that it might take?

Thanks Guys


02-05-2011 21:21:57

i think there is already a browser plugin for ogre but i'm not sure. check the main forum - then port it to python :D


03-05-2011 12:18:08

I'm checking it out right now.


07-05-2011 03:40:30

I'm checking it out right now.

Found anything yet?
I am very interested in this idea.


07-05-2011 05:40:10

Well it seems no one else here's interested in the idea, so I'm creating one myself. So what's your reason for creating one?


07-05-2011 06:34:42

I believe that I saw a topic on this subforum that mentioned hacking Panda3d's browser plugin to use python-ogre..


07-05-2011 23:13:12

Yea Varriount I saw that a few days before I posted this.