MacOSX Information


03-05-2011 03:35:20

I searched the forum for references MacOSX, and got an almighty "no results found".
So I imagine that no-one has tried to build binaries yet...

Can you please confirm that there is no existing effort to build MacOSX binaries?
If not, I will try to make a build script using macports/xcode.


19-05-2011 15:50:20

i'm discovering Python-Ogre and i'm on OS X too.
I've tried many times to install PO on my MacBook Pro, but it fails every time. It's such a pain !!! :)
I think it's a great idea you have to create a Python-Ogre port on MacPort.
It would be fantastic if this could be done !!!

Please, give us news of your progress.


20-05-2011 18:09:38

i think i've seen something on the official (not maintained) pyogre website about python missing some functions on macs. i have no mac so... it might not be what you are searching for but its worth a try.


21-05-2011 04:51:39

Please, give us news of your progress.

I am making an SDK for dummies.
I have not started yet with MacPort, but plan to do so sometime soon.
You can follow the progress on this thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14367