Python Ogre and Pypy


07-05-2011 06:31:21

Hey, new to the forum and hoping to learn python-ogre. I'm planning out a 3d game (using python and python-ogre obviously) and was wondering if python-ogre is compatible with pypy.. Pypy is a jit'ed version of python, and would present a nice speedup. It has full ctypes comparability, though due to it's structure Pypy can't mimick the CPython API perfectly..


10-05-2011 03:09:03

I am actually looking into compiling PO with PyPy myself.
If I manage it, I will post here some performance comparisons on our game project.


10-05-2011 17:22:29

Unfortunately, Unless py++ is able to generate ctypes code instead of pdll code, pypy won't work