Python Ogre on IRC


11-05-2011 09:37:38

Since I am having no end of troubles with Raknet, I am looking into compiling everything from scratch.
I have made much progress with setting up the environment, but I am struggling at the last step with "unreferenced functions" during linking.

Andy, I don't know if you are still supporting this project, but if you are could you please join me on #python-ogre?
I will stay connected there whenever I am not sleeping (I live in Japan)

I really need your help to get this compiling...
Once I have a set of debug binaries, I will be able to track down what is causing crashes.


17-05-2011 13:34:37

Well, it's just to say that I am on IRC every day: #python-ogre
If you have questions about python-ogre, you can ask me there.