Draw 2d lines on overlay


16-06-2011 19:52:42

The task is to draw a lot of 2d arrows on a screen using screen coordinates - so I don't want to bind anything with nodes or smth.
The right place is to do it is overlays, right? Can anyone help me find some info how to draw such 2d lines or figures on top of Ogre window?

P.S. Already tried to look up in Ogre forums and the best thing I found is to use cairo, but this project with cairo+ogre is in c++, so I want easier solution without using SWIG and so on.
P.P.S. Also found that it is possible to use native opengl, but it wants manual object and it not so very neat (what about directx?)
P.P.P.S. Tried to look in various GUIs like CEGUI and so on and can't find anything like goTo/lineTo there..