Gorilla UI Base


06-07-2011 13:30:30

Hello all, experienced web/3D programmer diving deep. Got 1.7 working on python. Must say it's very impressive. Everything has come a long way from Azathoth.

I'm going to start some groundwork on an implementation of Gorilla for UI widgets. Goal is to make a few more classes that get things rolling with regard to productive implementation for full UI's. This includes threading out the event handling and getting all out of sync.

My questions are with regard to how to implement modules not yet supported for Python Ogre. I'm sure this is already posted somewhere, but thus far it has been hard for me to find the Python Ogre devs.

I'm working with Python Ogre for dev speed. I'll write my Gorilla extension classes C++ or python depending on how I start liking boost output. What I anticipate is adding a few barebones C++ classes with everything in place to be subclassed within Python for the rest of functionality.


06-07-2011 14:34:17

To implement a new module the easiest way would to be copy and modify one of the smaller existing modules such as betagui. The following patch implements a GStreamer module for python-ogre so you should be able to see all the steps necessary for creating a module.

http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=de ... tid=916690

If you run into problems then post here.