01-08-2011 09:17:07


As noticed I'm new here if this post is invalid please move it as I didn't know where to post in the python-ogre section.

I came from panda3d... no problems with it works very nice but I had some problems with rendering so I came across python-ogre, I hope this will be the final move I like what I see so far it looks promising.

About python-ogre license ? where can i find information about it? regarding the release of "Games" developed with it.
Is it possible to use it Commercially? and can we sell the "games" we make? like panda3d's license ??


02-08-2011 04:21:19

I think it's GPL, but not sure if it only applies to 'wrapper generation code' or also applies to 'generated wrapper code'


07-08-2011 10:14:48

Ogre itself is MIT, which means you can modify it without disclosing your source changes.
Python-Ogre is LGPL, which means exactly the contrary.

I think the implication is that you can modify Ogre with new methods of your own, but you would have to disclose any changes to the Boost-Python wrapper generators.