Help Me.


31-08-2011 00:46:00

Hello, I need help installing Python-Ogre, I'm new to this and that but the matter is that I do not speak English.

Please tell me the steps to install latest Python-Ogre.

now the problem I have is that does not work and NONE open window, or if it does but it closes very quickly.


31-08-2011 00:50:31

My problem.


31-08-2011 09:38:31

Run this:
python install

And learn English, way more important than any programming language for a programmer. Majority of everything programming related out there is in English.


31-08-2011 16:26:12

Well, then I will make an English course and when you come back to these forums complente.


31-08-2011 16:33:46

Well, this has led me a folder called Build. Now I try to run a sample in caerpeta C: \ SDK \ demos \ ogre \ but leaves a command prompt window closes and I have tried several examples and the same happens.

Any suggestions.


31-08-2011 17:08:32



31-08-2011 17:09:09

Run it from CLI to see the error. python install has installed it into your dist-packages


31-08-2011 21:53:16

:roll: -


02-09-2011 09:37:45

Have you downloaded and "unzipped" the media files? If so can you post your Ogre.log file.

You need the media files to run the demos. I know the link refers to 1.7.1 but I don't think there is one for 1.7.2, anyway the media shouldn't have changed and you should be able to run all the demos: ... z/download

You should unzip the media dir into your demos dir, so you will have something like:

c:\python-ogre (or wherever you are running the demos from).

Then you should be good to go.