OgreSnakes ( Ogre3d+Python+3dsMax )


05-10-2011 19:19:48

My name is Fred Ukita and I'm posting my project called OgreSnakes.

OgreSnakes is a RAD game tool developed in Python-Ogre 1.7.2. Uses Bullet for physics, Hikari for HUD and RTT videos, and OpenAL for sounds. OgreSnakes works together with OgreMax exporter to make easily 3d applications.

After install all requirements:

  1. 1- Execute "OgreSnakes/src/main.py"

    2- XML configuration file to OgreMax "OgreSnakes\ogremax_xml_conf\game.userdatatypes.xml"

    3- Open 3dsMax example file "OgreSnakes/ogremax_examples/example_1.max"

    It's not yet documented. Tutorials coming soon...

    Please, download pre-alpha version and send comments and sugestions.

    See OgreSnakes project site:

    Download OgreSnakes: