Error: "No matching function for overloaded" Help


22-06-2006 23:23:39


I am trying to implement the "Creating dynamic textures" ogre example in Python. ... c_textures

When I try to call createManual from TextureManager, I get:

NotImplementedError: No matching function for overloaded 'TextureManager_createManual'

I am running the latest PyOgre and Ogre on Windows XP with Python 2.4. Here is what I am feeding createManual:

t = tm.createManual('dt',
256, 256, 0, PF_BYTE_BGRA,

I tried various combinations of optional paramaneters and even names parameters, but no luck.

I know SWiG has a logic for figuring out overloaded methods, but I think I am feeding it right.

Oh and PF_BYTE_BGRA is not defined as far as I can tell, so I defined it myself based on the OGRE source.

Anyway, any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


24-06-2006 10:14:35

Your code should read something like this:

t = tm.createManual('dt', ogre.ResourceManager.DEFAULT_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME, ogre.TEX_TYPE_2D, 256, 256, 0, ogre.PF_BYTE_BGRA,ogre.TU_DEFAULT, 0)

Last time I looked the HardwarePixelBuffer framework wasn't wrapped so I don't think it's possible to do this at the moment.