Some pieces of Ogre wrapped in Python wanted...


05-07-2006 18:35:34

I am needing just a few of the classes of Ogre wrapped up, notable things like scenemanager, vector3, quaternion, etc... using boost::python. I already have a couple things wrapped, but if anyone has more wrapped up then it would save me a good amount of time. I am just using Python as a scripting engine (I've got a good ogre resource manager for python files made, inits python, loads a python file into a code object and stores that (useful for pickling across a network) and instances the code object using internal pathing, can register module directories for things that will not ever be sent across a network as a code object, etc., works quite well if anyone wants it), so nothing fancy needed, and that is why I need it in boost::python format as I use its registry system heavily.


05-07-2006 23:18:21

Maybe this can help:


06-07-2006 01:37:04

Saw it, but it would not work well with my setup as I am embedding and integrating, rather then extending. That is why I am looking for just some basic bindings of only a few useful classes, would save me time.