game development


15-07-2006 04:47:20

i'm probably asking in the wrong place but here goes ...

I'm mulling over making a 3d isometric roleplaying game in the spirit of Fallout (kind of, but different), with turn based combat. I intend on making all the art/assets in blender3d.

I've noticed that blender 3d has a game engine that comes along with it which has physics incorporated with it, along with some nice functionality.

What would make more sense in the above case, Blender -> Ogre (from PyOgre, with parts in C++) -> OgreODE as a physics engine or Blender -> GameBlender

The thing is, i've realized, the only physics i'm really going to be using is reactions to impact in combat. A;though, i would like to be able to break down a mesh wall or something or have some kind of world interaction otherwise.


17-07-2006 14:03:27

I haven't ever used Blender's game engine, but from what I understand, it doesn't scale very well to large worlds. It might work if your game is divided up into several small 'scenes', with some way to navigate between them. That way the game would only have to load/manage/render one scene at a time.

One question: Why make it isometric when you have the power of hardware accelerated 3D graphics at your fingertips? Unless you are doing it for nostalgic purposes, I think it would be just as easy to make a top-down third person perspective game that can be viewed from any arbitrary angle. (Don't feel like I'm attacking you, I'm just curious)


17-07-2006 20:19:05

i dont mind the question at all. I was thinking isometric because i'm a nostalgic kinda guy. But i just realized that i intend to allow the user to rotate the camera ... so you're right, it might just make more sense to allow them to do what angle they want.

Sounds like Ogre is the way to go anyway, from other research i've done.