Linux/AMD64 compilation takes >1GB RAM


15-07-2006 05:54:11

Hey - I'm trying to compile the latest SVN sources on my Gentoo AMD64 box. I've got a gig and a half of memory, but it still managed to thrash with the best of them :-) In the midst of it, I managed to get to the Linux console and run top; it was using over 90% of real memory.

I couldn't find anything about this, except that the gargantuan ogre_wrap.{cpp,o} files trip up other people in other ways as well; is this a known problem? Is it just AMD64? (Dumb big pointers :-D) Thanks!



16-07-2006 18:34:00

I got it to compile on my 2 year old centrino laptop that only has a Gig of RAM. The strange thing was I had to run the about 10 times, just ignoring the error and building, over and over again.