Tutorial #3 Fog Complication


26-07-2006 06:50:44

The fog effects do not seem to show if you are doing an OpenGL rendering type.


08-06-2007 02:39:14

Has anyone else worked through this tutorial successfully? I have no problems until I get up to adding Fog. On my ATI X850, in OpenGL any addition of Fog renders the terrain as the fog color.


08-06-2007 03:03:52

Have a look at demo_camertracking as it uses fog..
# add some fog
sceneManager.setFog(ogre.FOG_EXP, (1, 1, 1), 0.0002) ## change .0002 to .002 for lots of fog



08-06-2007 03:06:56

Thanks! I was just in the process of looking through the demos for an app that uses fog.


08-06-2007 03:18:21

Yep, Fog works as expected when I'm using the ST_GENERIC Occlusion scene manager. I'm just getting odd results with the ST_EXTERIOR_CLOSE terrain scene manager. I'll keep playing around with it and see what it looks like in the OgreSDK and in other scene managers.

Seems to work fine in D3D, but in OpenGL the terrain is completely colored as the background colour. Probably something with my drivers. I might have to try the Omega drivers instead of Catalyst. I'll try first with the SDK.