Current status on different platforms?


12-08-2006 07:12:13

I've been away a while, checking in on pyogre's development occasionally. What's the current status?

I saw that Istari said last week no one is working on OSX, so I don't expect it is working. What about linux? Windows? I see there is a pre-built windows library, which is a good sign.


17-08-2006 09:56:08

I can only comment on the pre-built windows binaries, but those are excellent.


17-08-2006 16:06:20

where can i find these windows binaries?

so there is a complete pyogre 1.2 now? would be great!


18-08-2006 09:37:00

i came across this post. is this the latest windows build?

do the pyogre tutorials on the wiki still work with pyogre 1.2? i couldn't get anything to run.


18-08-2006 10:41:17

Yes AFAIK Istari's builds are the latest for pyogre 1.2.0. The tutorials should still run with some minor modifications such as:

For yaw,pitch,roll you may have to do something like this:

For sceneManager creation (tutorial3 I think):
#self.sceneManager = self.root.createSceneManager(ogre.ST_EXTERIOR_CLOSE)
self.sceneManager = self.root.createSceneManager("TerrainSceneManager","MySceneManager")

When you say you couldn't get anything to run. What was the error message?. Were there any errors in Ogre.log?. What media files are
you using (last time I downloaded Istari's build the media files weren't included)?.


18-08-2006 10:57:27

yes, one error was because of the media files. first i used some ogre media directory i found on my hd. with the pyogre 1.0.6 media files the error seemed to go away.

then i had the scenemanager error. what string should i use instead of ogre.ST_GENERIC? "OctreeSceneManager"?


18-08-2006 11:29:27

Check it's defined as ogre.ST_GENERIC:

Edit: note using pyogre 1.0.6 media files some of the demos for pyogre/pycegeui 1.2 may not work correctly.

@Istari: is there an overwhelming reason for not uploading the current
binaries and media files to SVN to avoid similar confusion.


18-08-2006 11:48:10

thanks, it works now!

are there any other things to know?


18-08-2006 12:42:30

The yaw,pitch,roll and valueRadians problem applies to other Math functions, see the compiler output from this thread, you can see the "Overloaded Ogre::Math::..." functions that you may have to use this hack on until it's resolved.

You could also check the SVN log for changes, the TODO list and Ogres's dagon notes for changelog to 1.2.0. ... =0&isdir=1 ... rev=0&sc=0

If you encounter problems do a search on the pyogre site, find something not implemented post in the "Sticky: No matching function..."
thread at the top, or post and someone will help out.


18-08-2006 13:03:55

@dermont: The reason I haven't put the binaries onto the BerliOS site is because once a file is published, it can not be deleted.
And I don't want to clutter the download page with a million "daily" builds. However I see no problem with putting the media files there.
I'll try to put up the media files on the download page this weekend.


20-08-2006 16:02:29

The media files for 1.2.0 have been uploaded to the BerliOS site.
It seems that I can delete files after they have been uploaded, the documentation was very vague, so I'll probably be putting the binaries there too in the near future.