[Solved] Vertex/IndexBufferProxy problems compiling gcc


16-11-2005 11:41:35

I'm trying to compile the latest trunk version of pyOgre using codeblocks and mingw. On linking I'm getting loads of unresolved symbols for IndexBufferProxy/VertexBufferProxy.

I've imported the MS Solutions file and both IndexBufferProxy.cxx and VertexBufferProxy.cxx are refered to but I don't see where swig or ogre.i is doing anything special to create them.

The *BufferProxy.h files are in the main ogre directory, the *BufferProxy.cxx files aren't. How do I go about creating creating them?.


16-11-2005 19:29:14

Sorry I messed up that last merge. It looks like those files were not comitted. They have been now, and when you go to compile the final wrapper you need to do this:
gcc IndexBufferProxy.cxx VertexBufferProxy.cxx ogre_wrap.cxx ...

Let me know if there are any more problems.


17-11-2005 01:56:56

Thanks that resolved the problem. Nice job on the Index/Vertex buffer stuff.