To build a better Demo


18-11-2005 18:12:08

I project by any other name would be just as tasty eye candy right?

Maybe I need a better name.

Well I said I would start a new thread, and now I have. I don't have a lot of questions or information right now. I should probably set up some web space someplace. I may get around to that someday.

I have changed a few things with the demo so far, but nothing exciting. So far I have

* Put the ogre icon in the upper left part of the window *whee*

* Added Psycho initialization

* Set the wx.frame to false until ogre is initialized then set to true.

This weekend I am going to try and do something with events maybe. I still want to override the initialization screen. I think I will have it run until there is an Ogre.cfg file then, load that by default. Perhaps have a configuration tool available if you want to change anything.


21-11-2005 15:02:19

Did not get a lot done, working on the demo this weekend. As normal my ADHD attacked me and I just jumped from one thing to another. I am in the process of adding some events, being able to switch from full screen to window, and rewriting the loading dialog.

I have noticed a few bugs I am pondering; I am getting errors when I double click the window, which is a wx issue. Then I am getting white areas when I display with OpenGL. Direct X doesn't seem to do it.


21-11-2005 21:07:16

I've already done something like that. I am using pyODE (but in the future a selfwritten at the moment very simple pyNewton ;-) ) and pyOGRE (thx clay for his work) in a wxPython application.

Mybe i can help you?
What do you want to do in detail? I am not sure whats your target?
My pyogre is rendering on a wxpanel and I've written some resize handlers for that panel so that a can show a toolbar with buttons at the left side inside the wxWidget. I am not using the pyogre framework, i took the wxPYOGREdemo as starting point and added some functions that read xml files to build the ODE objects with joints (not xode). I am also working on a framework to define simple programs for angles, forces and toques in xml. I try to build a mech simulation where the mech is not walking only on flat surfaces, I've tested some gyroscopic effects to stabilize the robot, but ODE peeves me and so I started to bind Newton to python, but i need some help for testing and debugging. ... postdays=0


21-11-2005 23:12:17

Interesting stuff ludo. If you have a simple demo with PyODE that I could throw in the demos/ folder that would be fantastic (though I'd really only accept it if you are willing to put it in the public domain).

If you are working on a python binding of Newton (using SWIG or non-pyste Boost.Python) then I'm interested in helping out. I certainly don't have any interest in maintaining another project, but if you are maintaining it I'll help out.

C callbacks seem like it would be a hard thing to bind in python. It's not like a C++ class with state that you can store the PyObject in. Interesting problem...


22-11-2005 21:20:41

Hey Ludo,

Thanks for the interest. Any help would be appreciated. I will do some design documents (simple of course) over the next couple of days so you can see what all I have planed. I am pretty flexible at this point.

Basically I am looking to create a demo that covers more than the demos that are available now. Then I am going to write some tutorial documentation along with it so that people can get a good feel for beginning there game development in the combination of the three.

The only reason I was going to go with PyODE is that it is mentioned so much in here. If Newton is a better library we can use that. I can help as much as I can. I know how to program in python pretty well, but this is my first attempt at graphics or windowing.

If your intention is to put your code in public domain then I am duplicating your effort and I can just write a tutorial along with what you have already done. If not then I would love your help, since it sounds like you know what you are doing. :)


23-11-2005 19:46:50


I'll contact you via PM.


28-11-2005 14:43:35

Ok, I have started on the wxODEOgre Design Document, but I haven't been able to get far. Turkey Day consumed more of my time than I anticipated, and now I am at work again. I did get some mock screen shots made up that I may try and get on a blog somewhere. :D


29-11-2005 00:27:16

Here are some screen mock ups. I realize after looking at them that one is missing and I didn't add any detail to the options menu. ... 8oVA--?p=4 ... 8oVA--?p=5 ... 8oVA--?p=6 ... 8oVA--?p=7 ... 8oVA--?p=8

I know that they are not very exciting, I am just trying to lay out the system.


04-12-2005 05:34:37

I haven't got very far on the design doc, a little but not much. I added a toggle between fullscreen and when right clicking the mouse. I will eventually bind it to a key down event F11 but I haven't really started working on that yet. I will make the HUD/Overlay bind to the right mouse click.


04-12-2005 20:23:19

In case anyone is interested here is the code I have so far. The media is zipped into it. I am trying to figure out what media I can delete and what I can't.