Windows Build Update


20-11-2005 18:58:24

If anyone out there wants to build PyOgre from source under windows, I suggest using VC8 instead of the previous versions. As you may have read elsewhere, Visual C++ 8.0 Express is free, for all uses (even commercial), and includes an optimizing compiler. The only major feature it lacks is a profiler, which previous versions of VC++ didn't have anyway.

The VC7.1 scripts will remain there, but after some preliminary tests, compiling with VC8 results in MUCH faster code. Some of the demos, for example, run upwards of 125fps faster (try the terrain demo). Not to mention the fact that Sinbad forgot to turn off RTTI in the VC++ 8 sdk (I'm hoping this is still the case).

As such, though, I am removing support for DirectX 7 unless anyone has a compelling reason to keep it. VC8.0 does not have the includes and libraries in the platform SDK to do a DirectX 7 compile.

This is more just a heads up for the 1 or 2 of you who compile it from source under windows. Let me know if anyone runs into any problems.

Edit: I recommend compilation using the VC8 deps for dagon:
As these already have CEGUI 0.4.0 compiled with VC8 as well. This will work with the Ogre 1.0.6 source.