27-08-2006 23:57:54

I've been trying to compile pyogre 1.2 and ogre 1.2.2 with VC++ Express 2005 for some time now, but now that everything actually builds, running install gives me an error about not being able to find the directory 'dlls' - which is no wonder, as there's not such thing anywhere in my pyogre dir.

Clearly it involves some concepts I don't fully understand, so could someone supply me with a binary distribution? pretty please with sugar on top? ;)


28-08-2006 00:52:31

This is pyOgre 1.2 with Ogre 1.2.0. Dunno if it'll help fully.
and subsequently

Took me a while to dig up as well. Someone should provide the links on the wiki or the main site if it's not too much trouble.


28-08-2006 02:27:06

Thanks a lot!

A yeah, a link in the wiki somewhere might be a good idea, certainly could have saved me some time. Not that I'm complaining, it's a free ride after all :)