[Newbie] problem installing PyOgre 1.0.6 n its solution


02-09-2006 05:23:21

Hi all,

First, I'm totally a PyOgre newbie. I knew Python quite a long time ago, but have very little experience of it (I have to thank Panda3D for re-introducing Python :)), and know nothing of Ogre.

(OT: I'm going to create a mini golf game for my website. I'm searching the net, looking for 3D engines and found Panda3D, Ogre, and Irrlicht. I'm also searching for all physics stuff. I got Newton, ODE, and Tokamak).

So this is my experience of installing PyOgre for the first time.

I downloaded these (as written in PyOgreWiki)

- PyOgre 1.0.6 + media
- Psyco 1.5.1

I'm using WinXP Pro SP2, DirectX 9.0c installed, .NET Framework 1.1 and Python 2.4.

Then I tried to run begginer_1.py from Tutorials directory. Nothing happens! However, I see that there's now a new file called ogre.log so I checked the file and there are numerous "application problem"-related messages.

I searched this forum, and I found the answer: I have to install vcredist_x86.exe first. (at the time of this writing, I notice that actually there are warning about this at the bottom of PyOgre Wiki. I think it should be written at the top of the page instead of the very bottom).

Download it, install it, and now the Ogre Renderer Window appears but shows nothing.

Inside Ogre.log I see this error:
Invalid billboard_type 'perpendicular_common'.

Search this forum again, and after a long search I found the answer:
there are two media files: demo_media.zip and demo_media.1.2.0.zip. Apparently I downloaded the version 1.2.0. So I downloaded the older version and unzipped it (remember: delete the existing media directory first). To Devs, the filename of demo_media.zip should be changed to demo_media.1.0.6.zip to avoid any misunderstanding like I had.

Great! PyOgre works perfectly now!

But... how to escape from this tutorial? I pressed ESC key, the renderer window went frozen. The FPS counter not counting anymore. No mouse cursor either. Pressing Alt-Tab to switch between application and kill the Tk Shell window is the answer!

I'm looking for more info on this forum now...


02-09-2006 09:44:16

Same for me. if i run ANYTHING in python with the IDE on it will freeze. That's why i save changes , check module, quit the IDE and test the result. But it would sure be easier if this freezing could be fixed.


02-09-2006 12:12:25

At the mean time I'm not using IDLE as the editor, although this editor is sure quite handy and Python Tk Shell is a great debugger tool. I'm now using UltraEdit32 to edit the code.

To run the program, just double click it. And now I can press ESC and the application will be terminated normally.