Newbiee need help


09-09-2006 13:45:34

Hie guys i having playing around with Pyogre for some weeks now and am starting to get comfy with it but i got a few questions, well im planning to make a simple maze game where the player controls a ball using his or her mouse,

my question is, does Ogre have its own collision detection or do i need to find a phycics engien for that and in the frame listener can i check the motion of the mosue and apply it to the ball, This will be my first ogre game so im tryin to keep it as simple as possible thnx in advance

o and if there where post similar to this sorry for da double post :oops:


09-09-2006 15:13:16

Try checking out pyode:

There's a couple of good demos from line72 and 0x336699 which will probably interest you: ... 4&start=15