Installing Pyogre


11-09-2006 22:45:58

Im new to ogre and im having problems setting up pyogre. None of the tutorials will work. I think its a problem with my directory structors. I have python 2.4.3 + pyogre-win32-py24 + the latest ver of demo media. I have no problems with the normal ogre demos running on visual 2005 express. I would really like to get pyogre working as im s**t at c++. Please help!!!!!!!!!


12-09-2006 01:11:54

What error does it give when you run the demos?


12-09-2006 01:26:17

I get a typeError in method 'root_getscenemanager' in beginner_3 example.


12-09-2006 09:52:30

Update getSceneManager to createSceneManager:

def _chooseSceneManager(self):
#self.sceneManager = self.root.getSceneManager(ogre.ST_EXTERIOR_CLOSE)
self.sceneManager = self.root.createSceneManager("TerrainSceneManager")