29-11-2005 21:34:14

I saw this today: ... nifest.xml

Pretty interesting. :) I've heard of IronPython before but haven't really looked into it. I wonder if it can become as fast (or faster) than CPython.

Anyways, this provides another way to use OGRE with .NET, which is cool. :)


30-11-2005 20:00:40

Wow. I'm impressed. I wonder if the guy completely rewrote CPython or if he used CPython to create IronPython. I notice it's out of date though. Last release was summer 2004, which is ancient in OS terms. I wonder if work is even being done on it, considering (outside of the distribution) I cannot find a source repository for it anywhere.

I don't know if it would be a good idea to use pyogre that way since you cannot call C++ ogre from C# (or at least I've heard terrible terrible things about it). You might be able to do it using Ogre.Net though. I've never actually played with that project. Would be worth a try. =)

He did say that IronPython is faster (1.7 times faster than CPython when using pystone benchmarks). That's not really impressive though. You can get insane speedups using psyco, and I don't understand why IronPython (which uses the CLR JITer) isn't blowing CPython out of the water. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something about what they are doing.


30-11-2005 20:27:19 ... ac5a3a9742

IronPython 0.9.5 Released (11/17/2005 • More details)
Hello IronPython community,

We’ve just released the latest version of IronPython – 0.9.5. We’re continuing to drive towards full Python 2.4 compatibility with bug fixes and the implementation of more standard built-in types and modules. With these improvements we now pass 8 more tests in the standard CPython regression test suite. At the same time, we’re also improving .NET/Python interoperability with improved support for subclassing from C# classes and a better experience using Python objects in WPF GUIs.

I made a quick test to import pyogre, but it complained about not finding module os. Didn't really put much energy into it though. :)


30-11-2005 21:15:48

Oh, I was looking at the wrong site. =)

Yeah they don't include the standard python modules, but if you have python 2.4 installed this should work to fix the problem:

import sys

(Or your linux equivalent path.)

I *think* that should do it, but I haven't run it to test though.