20-09-2006 21:01:29

Compositor is not wrapped correct? There are some .i-files, but they are not included in the build..?


24-09-2006 14:11:10

Correct, the Compositor isn't wrapped yet. The existing interface files are not included in the build because they need updating. The updates to the interface files are fairly trivial to implement. There are some additional things that require updating pyOgre namely the GpuProgramParameters::setNamedConstant and passing float arrays in order to test and write the python CompositorDemo.

I'm just finishing off the updates to pyCegui 0.5.0rc2 (pyOgre1.3 - Eihort/OIS/Cegui0.5.0). I'll try and incorporate and backport the compositor
stuff if no one else does.


21-02-2007 12:35:08

It has been some months now but still no compositor is wrapped?


21-02-2007 13:10:53

I think Python-Ogre looks more likely for compositor support. Not sure if its in yet, but I think pyOgre is slowly on the way out.


22-02-2007 14:09:47

Compositor classes are exposed as part of Python-Ogre - and should work, although there hasn't been any test code written yet..

It's be great if you could supply some test code :)




28-02-2007 19:37:15

I looked into compositor before a while ago
I will have a look over the c sources and see if i can translate anything

- my brain hurts a bit when i try c tho :), but i might be able to get something going.