26-09-2006 01:24:58

Is it a secret that this demo is still 80% C++ code?

Is there a working Python example?


26-09-2006 12:55:09

No secret it's on the TODO list, so there isn't a working Python example. I guess it was included with the C++ code so it wouldn't be overlooked and in the hope that someone might volunteer to convert it to python. Given that there isn't much hope of that happening I'll try and convert it later this week.


26-09-2006 16:44:12

Well, when I get up to speed, I would be happy to tackle some of those jobs. I was originally attempting our project in Panda3D but their documentation and API are woefully inadequete. They have some good people over there, but I can't wait around for the 3-4 that actually know something about it to spoonfeed the rest of us.

At least Ogre has plenty of people working in the C++ arena and the methods and documentation IS translateable to my chosen language, Python.

I was anticipating buying the book coming out and trying to adopt the examples to Python.