Milkshape 1.2.3 problems


04-10-2006 02:25:21

I have a set of models that I purchased for trees and bushes. they are all laid out in an identical format but so far only the first one has exported correctly from milkshape 1.7.8 with the 1.2.3 exporter.

If I tell it to ignore a skeleton, it tries to pick one from the hard drive and will not movbe forward unless I pick something.

Once I have apparently exported without incident, all ambient and diffuse colors are zeroed and have to be set manuall in the material file.

But the worst part is that they just dont work.

Right now, I have exported palm Tree #2 identically to palm tree #1 and placed all the mesh, material and texture files in the exact same locations as tree #1, and I call a routine that plants 100 palm #1's randomly on the landscape and then it should plant 100 palm tree #2's the same way. I know the routine works because I just had it plant 100 more trees of palm #1.

However, when switching to palm #2, it ouputs nothing to the scene, not even an error message....

My code looks like this....

### second Set of Trees

for t in range (1,100):

tree2 = sceneManager.createEntity('tree' + str(t), 'palm2.mesh')
#tree.castShadows = True

treeNode = sceneManager.rootSceneNode.createChildSceneNode("tree"+str(t))
treeNode.scale = (0.1, 0.1, 0.1)
treeX = random.randint (1,1500)
treeZ = random.randint (1,1500)

treeNode.position = (treeX,100,treeZ)

treeRay = ogre.Ray()
treeRay.origin = treeNode.position + (0.0, 10.0, 0.0)
treeRay.direction = ogre.Vector3.NEGATIVE_UNIT_Y
self.treeRayQuery = sceneManager.createRayQuery(ogre.Ray(treeNode.position,treeRay.direction))
self.treeRayQuery.ray = treeRay
for queryResult in self.treeRayQuery.execute():
if queryResult.worldFragment is not None:
pos = treeNode.position
treeNode.position = (pos.x, pos.y - queryResult.distance, pos.z)

and yes, palm2.mesh is in media/models
palm2.png is in media/textures and
palm2.material is in media/material