code error in beginner tutorial 1????


19-10-2006 05:24:50

is this code when i try run the script

traceback(most recent call last):
file "c:/python24/pyogre/tutorials/" line 4, in?
import sampleframework
import error: no module named sampleframework
how i can run this file.????

thanks for any aid


19-10-2006 15:23:56

Copy across beginner_*.py from demos/tutorial to demos/ogre and from
command prompt cd to /demos/ogre and run the beginners tutorials from there.

If your still encountering problems:

a) Check Ogre.log (in the same dir).
b) try manually importing ogre:
>>from pyogre import ogre
>> print dir(ogre)
(or from Lib\site-packages\pyogre)
>> import ogre
>> print dir(ogre)
c) do a search for similar threads: ... 97&start=0

Post any errors here.