beginner - missing dll file


10-12-2005 12:35:44


I want to give pyOgre a try. I have been using Director 3D for ages and want a better 3d engine, without having to delve into the depths of c++

When I try to load an example, I get a windows error message:
missing msvcp71.dll

Windows XP Pro
Python 2.4
Pysco 1.5
pyogre 1.0.5-1


I have downloaded msvcp71.dll from the internet and put it into

When I try to open (double click) I get an error about a missing OgreZip.cpp

[solved] (for future reference)
The resource.cfg file was looking up a director for the media folder, so have moved media to C:\Python24\pyogre (not inside the demo folder)