Is there CEGUI Demoes which can run on PyOgre 1.2.0?


25-10-2006 04:07:38

All the cegui demoes can run on PyOgre 1.0.6.
However when I update to 1.2.0, It said Dll Load Failed when import _cegui in I feel the problem is in _cegui.pyd because when I remove _cegui.pyd, It said no moudle.

Is there new cegui demoes for PyOgre 1.2.0?

Thank you very much!


25-10-2006 05:16:49

Yes, the cegui demos have been updated to run with pyOgre1.2.0 and are included with the media download: ...

Are you using Istari's pyOgre1.2.0 windows build, which appears to run fine here?

Try downloading dependency walker and opening up _cegui.pyd to see what DLL dependencies are missing.

If it's MSVCP80.DLL , MSVCR80.DLL then you need to install: