state of pyogre


28-09-2005 02:00:48

i am not really up to date and have some questions about pyogre...

how mature is the swig version of pyogre? what is still missing? and where can i get a windows build for the current ogre version? are there any plans for python specific ogre tutorials? did you already decide on the future of pyogre (if concentrating on ogredotnet makes more sense)? :)


28-09-2005 10:11:14

PyOgre is quite stable. Only a couple of classes are missing but many advanced features we planned (numpy support for hardware buffers, DYNAMIC_CASTs, etc.) are still to be implemented. Anyway, I am using it for Shy (see for details) and it is working quite well.

Clay, the original pyogre developer and apparently the only one able to build the win32 PyOgre SDK is missing. A friend of mine is setting up its windoze machine and will attempt builds with the latest Ogre in a few days.

As for OgreDotNet, as I already said, has its advantages. I like the mono VM more than Python's and the ability of using multiple languages (C#, BOO, VB.NET, Nemerle just to name a few) is a great thing. I woudn't switch to OgreDotNet right now mainly because BOO is very young, Python still has a great community and I don't like very much how OgreDotNet is being implemented (but I did just a fast sweep thorugh their sources so it is more a feeling than anything else.)


29-09-2005 19:57:09

Hi machinimist,

best status overview of pyogre can be found here: