how to use mesh.getBoneAssignmentIterator?


01-11-2006 03:05:41

I try to get bone assignment from the mesh.

boneAssignmentIterator = mesh getBoneAssignmentIterator()

It's working. however, boneAssignmentIterator seems wrong type.
Because when I try to get the bone assignment from it, there is problem.

boneAssignment = boneAssignmentIterator.getNext()

the system said

'PySwigObject' has no attribute getNext

I try

for BoneAssignment in boneAssignmentIterator:

it's do not working also.

How can I use the boneAssignmentIterator?

Thank you very much!


03-11-2006 12:44:54

I have never used this but one thing seems wrong to me:

boneAssignmentIterator = mesh getBoneAssignmentIterator()

should be:

boneAssignmentIterator = mesh.getBoneAssignmentIterator()

but you have probably already done that!

Also, has the getNext() method been replaced with next()? I know some ogre methods have been made more python-like in this way, but I'm not sure whether this one has or not.


05-11-2006 10:13:40

I think I used mesh.getBoneAssignmentIterator().
I try to saw in, there is no function to do this work.


05-11-2006 10:49:33

It's not there, it's still to be done (on the TODO list).