Pyogre apps don't close properly when program is exited


16-12-2005 03:48:50

I just recently decided to try out pyogre, so I downloaded and installed pyogre 1.01* and the most recent version of psycho. The demos run fine, but when I try to press the esc key to exit the demo, the application instance freezes, forcing me to end the task. I also have tried the 1.05 release of pyogre, but still get the same crash.

*I tried the most recent version, but ended up with the same errors as talked about in this topic:


16-12-2005 03:52:54

doh! I seems im just misunderstanding how my python ide is used, since when I run the .pyo files directly via the magic of double click, the demos exit without a problem. How do I cause the program to exit properly when I run an app from my python compiler directly by pressing f5 (the "run module" option)?


16-12-2005 18:50:41

This is a known issue with pyogre. I think it has something to do with resources not being properly freed in C++ land. It's on my todo list for the holiday break, and hopefully this should be fixed in 1.0.6-1, which I hope to have out before the 31st.