Microsoft DLL dependent


17-12-2005 06:23:34

The need for DLLs from Miscrosoft Visual Studio seems somewhat limiting. Is there a way to utilize PyOgre in a non-windows environment, or do dependencies on those DLLs pretty much make that impossible?

Or are those only required for use with the standard PyOgre build (because it was compiled using MSVS?)


17-12-2005 16:10:57

You are allways required to redistribute the MSVC DLLs. The reason we got away with it for so long is most people have the visual studios 7.1 runtime. Upgrading to 8.0 gives a huge speed boost for pyogre. Eventually Python will probably be compiled with 8.0 and distribute the dlls themselves, and this should fix the problem.

If it's a big deal you could always try compiling it with GCC/VC 7.1 and using that in your distribution.