Drawing Geometric Shapes


19-12-2005 14:26:35

I am trying to develop some kind of a game framework using,
pyogre. For the purpose of testing out concepts it would be very helpful if there was some way in which lines, grids, circles could be drawn. Currently I am unaware of any such capability.

Any ideas ?


21-12-2005 17:40:18

Drawing shapes and lines is something that C++ ogre doesn't do easily. You will have to dig around in the hardware buffers to create them. I think there are a few threads on the C++ ogre forums on how to do this. If you ever get a good library down with basic shape classes I'd love to include it in pyogre.


21-12-2005 18:07:59

1) In the short term i am using transparent spheres to visualise the nodes

2) In the long term, I plan to write some cg shaders (for things like circles , lines, grids) and use the cheap hack of rendering these on a plane. Not the best approach but... am lazy