Opinions about entities etc


21-12-2005 08:53:28

As mentioned before i am trying to rollout some kind of a framework using pyogre.

The preliminary view seems that I will use twisted for networking, and build some kind of AI framework on top of pyogre. I am currently trying to build some kind of an entity on top of the ogre entity. I will primarily use this to store physics, audio references for each object. Am currently stuck as to how to establish this. Any pointers? I hope this received more responses then my last post did.


21-12-2005 09:51:04

Well, you might want to look at our PyOgre project, A Violent World. Our Actor classes seems to be almost what you want, but not quite. Of course, our solution isn't the prettiest out there I guess.


21-12-2005 10:47:07

I tried downloading A violent world from gamedev.net (around 18 Mb) and from a link in the ogre forums (around 50 Mb). neither of them have the source. is the code available to look at ?
Am sorry if the answer to this question is obvious (one way or the other)


24-12-2005 10:41:00

Are you absolutely sure? It should be in the one from gamedev. You have to install it, and it should then be in <gamefolder>\src. But take a look in the projects thread, I posted an url to where you can get the source.