[Windows] Importing modules with python-ogre SDK


21-01-2012 17:53:02

Hello everybody!

I recently installed the PyYAML under windows. It works perfectly with the stock python 2.7 environment I have installed. However, when I try to run my python-ogre apps, which use the python-ogre SDK, I am unable to import this 3rd party modules (import error: no module named yaml).

The PyYAML module lives in "C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\yaml".

How should I go about importing this module? Is there a way for the sdk's interpreter to be aware of modules installed for the stock python 2.7 interpreter (the one located in C:\python27) ?

As usual, I would be happy to post additional details.
Thanks in advance for the guidance!

- Blz

EDIT: I suspect this is a question that has more to do with the SDK's python interpreter than the OGRE libraries themselves. Could anybody explain how the SDK's interpreter relates to the "normal" one installed from python.org? The SDK's interpreter doesn't work when python 2.7 isn't installed, so I assume they're somehow interdependent.


28-01-2012 07:15:31

What version of python-ogre are you running? AFAIK on Windows v1.7.1 is python2.6 and v1.7.2 is python2.7. Have you checked your python directories to ensure that python-ogre is installed where you think it is?

Do the python-ogre demos run from the Windows command prompt? Can you import the python-ogre libs from the python interpreter prompt?

The python-ogre SDK doesn't install any python interpreter, at a guess the most likely cause of your problem is either path related or a mismatch between the version of python you are running and the version of python-ogre you have installed.