noob question


03-01-2006 02:23:28

Q1. Why in the pyogre lighting demo does the green light rotate horizonally. but in the ogre SDK both the green and the blue light rotate veritically?

A1 Never mind i found it, line 45 sould be.

greenLightBoard = greenBlueLights.createBillboard(greenLightPosition)

Well I guess I'm answering my own questions but thats OK:)

Q2. In the pyogre SkyDome demo. On my PC the program quits when you press. the key G, H, U, or Y. Does this happen for you??

A2 Line 56 should read:

self.renderWindow.debugText = ('Curvature: %f, Tiling: %d' % (self.curvature, self.tiling))