RenderWindow in Blender Viewport


18-07-2012 19:22:55

Not strictly python-ogre related (though it should be feasible to do with python-ogre built with python3) and probably pretty pointless but here is a screen shot of an Ogre render window in a Blender viewport. ... nder2.png/

I'm not familiar with the blender python api so it will probably take some time to fashion into something usable. The current implementation is in C++/boost-python/Linux and really hacky and slow (direct copy of render window pixels).


18-07-2012 23:01:37

Interesting :)
Does it export blender mesh data on the fly to ogre? Or does it (at the moment) just start ogre?


19-07-2012 03:41:35

The second - just starts ogre.

At the moment it's pretty much just a simple wrapper to create a python module that displays the render window much in a similar manner to Qt/Ogre. I just wanted a to see if it was feasible and I'm still not sure it's worth the considerable effort to make it useful i.e. export blender mesh data on the fly etc.

Though a while back I did a mesh only importer based on another simple wrapper.

I would have preferred to have used python-ogre. However since there are already a number of issues with 1.8/ python2.X / python-ogre and Ogre's threading implementation at the moment python-ogre/python3 is a non-starter.


30-11-2012 03:43:09


I think Gamekit/OgreKit does on the fly export.