Using wxPython


04-01-2006 04:37:30

I was wondering if anyone is using pyOgre with wxPython? I know there is a sample in the pyOgre, but I am looking at doing more than just have Ogre in a window.

For instance, using the wxPython fxFrame, wxButtons, etc. I managed to make the wxFrame for Ogre full screen, and so added a simple child wxFrame with a button. But I saw something odd, when I select the child frame and moved it, the Ogre does not update untill I release the child. I've tried every setting I could think of in Ogre and wxPython, but no success.

So I was wondering if anyone else as done this kind of thing, and if so, could they give me a couple of pointers like solving the above.



04-01-2006 13:45:55

There is another example with wxPython in:
Hope it helps.


04-01-2006 16:26:46

ah Sheesh, I thought I looked at that example as well.

But I see what they are doing via c++, they set up a timer for the wxFrame that calls ogres update.

Thanks herotyc, dunno how I missed this.


04-01-2006 16:59:46

Ok, no problem. Btw it should be good if you could share some snapshots or ideas of what you're doing in the "projects using pyOgre" thread. I'm also interested in stuff done with wxPython too. :)