List of game components with Python bindings


06-01-2006 06:05:13

I think it would be useful to everyone using PyOGRE to create a big list of game engine components that have Python bindings and could be used for creating a complete 3d game engine.

What libs and components do you know of that fill the gaps that OGRE doesn't cover or that adds to OGRE's capabilities (ie, PLSM2) and can be used as an extension of Python? Please list any and all, with a link if possible.

Thanks in advance for any replies! :)

Here are some things I've found so far:

PyODE for physics
PyOpenAL for audio
PyOgg for .ogg playback (very old though)


09-01-2006 22:41:15

1) pysonic for sound. (uses fmod, which isnt free for commercial use)
2)twisted comes to mind for networking.
3)pyro for networking (is like java rmi. so is pretty convenient to use, you can use remote objects. If youre trying a card game, strategy etc, i think this would be great. On the other hand I dont know how good this is for realtime stuff. Also a disclaimer, it uses pickle to serialise objects which is known to have its pitfalls (malicious python code))


09-01-2006 23:33:16

1) pysonic for sound. (uses fmod, which isnt free for commercial use)
Sweet! I had never heard of this before (no pun intended). :)


10-01-2006 07:52:14

There's a link to the PySonic project page from the PyOgre wiki main page Well worth checking out if you haven't looked, especially for the high-quality PyOgre tutorials and links to other useful Python projects.

Twisted is a great networking library, and I'd strongly recommend it over Pyro.


10-01-2006 12:17:28

As sebpotter mentioned, I've started on such a list on the wiki. Please, feel free to add more links to it. It would be neat to have a whole page dedicated to it as well, with more descriptive texts of how the libs might be used together with PyOgre.


14-01-2006 03:32:24

Just thought I'd add to the list my project:

OIS - ObjectOriented Input System

Currently, (AFAIK) it only wraps version 0.3.0 of OIS though. Version 0.4.0 should work ok (it is an addon project, and I do not maintain it). I do not believe I made any breaking interface changes to OIS 0.4, mostly bug fixes and the addition of force feedback.

It is only available from cvs - oisaddons/python/ module.


14-01-2006 13:15:13

Currently, (AFAIK) it only wraps version 0.3.0 of OIS though
It works fine with 0.4, although I had to skip wrapping Effect::OIS_INFINITE to get it to compile without an unresolved external.


14-01-2006 18:56:33


Nice work :D

I'm not sure what the deal is with the OIS_INFINITE being unresolved :( It is definately defined in OISEffect.cpp.