python-ogre website issue


20-12-2006 02:41:50

I just attempted to check if there was a more recent version of python-ogre available than what I've been using. Imagine my surprise whenever I got a 'not found' error from the web server instead! :shock:

So I guess my question is kind of obvious.. did one of the python-ogre folks edit the wrong config file on the webserver, or is this more than temporary? (Has the website changed? I'm attempting to access


20-12-2006 04:21:48

The Python-hosting site is down, and it took python-ogre with it (along with the SVN etc) :(

We are looking to move to a new location (probably and will update everyone once that's done..

In the mean time the latest windows binaries can be found at



20-12-2006 04:37:07

I did notice its a little slow, but I love Trac. The SVN browser is great at moving through the repository and the wiki is very useful. Google code really doesn't stand up to Trac. That said if you do switch are there any plans to find a new place to host a wiki?