Code example of starting without config dialog


11-01-2006 08:47:31

I added an example of how to start OGRE without the config dialog at startup. It's very terse, but it should get the point across.



10-04-2008 07:30:04

tho a few years later, now with python-ogre instead of pyogre...

i want to do the same thing - and have tried simply commenting out (or, indeed, tracing *anything*) in

/demos/ogre/ or

neither works; the dialog still pops up.

i am new to python-ogre; still wrapping my head around how it wraps itself around ogre.

any tips for non-dialog using sampleApplication (or, sure, w/o sampleApp) much appreciated.


10-04-2008 11:46:47

There are some examples of how to do this in the python-ogre demos. Check out