configuration dialog with nothing to select


13-01-2007 21:00:14

Hello!! I'm right now starting to use OGRE with Python and I imported OGRE from pyogre, created a root object and then called the ShowConfigurationdialog function. The problem is just that the dialog appears but without anything to choose. In the drop down list (or combobox or whatever) where you can choose the rendering subsystem is not a single entry- what is the problem there??


13-01-2007 23:20:23

try making sure your plugins.cfg is setup and is being loaded by the app. Also check that all the plugin dll's listed in it are obtainable.


14-01-2007 11:30:54

also, check the ogre log file for errors. most probably it's the plugins.cfg, just like what bharling said


14-01-2007 14:39:55

Thanks for your posts, guys!! First I didn't know what to do with bharlings hint- but then I saw this one argument, where you can tell OGRE where to find the plugin file when creating the root object- so now it's working!! Thank you very much!! :P