setPosition ?? setting absolute positions ??? SOLVED


19-01-2006 00:37:43

I am trying to get pyODE working with pyOgre. At the end of each simulation iterations ODE returns an absolute location for each object :
eg position of Box1 is (0.0,12.0,0.0). Using this with translate seems to add this to the previous position of the Box. I was looking at the Ogre docs for this, and they seem to have a setPosition for sceneNodes. This is however missing in pyOgre. If i am supposed to go about this in an alternative pythonic way then i would like to hear about it.

[EDIT: Figured it out. sceneNodes have a position field which can be set.]


19-01-2006 20:35:10

Just FYI, all get/set methods (well, most) are properties in PyOgre. The ones that usually aren't properties are setters that require more than 1 parameter. But maybe you can use a tuple for those? I haven't tried that.