PyOgre links and forum visibility


29-09-2005 03:00:10

Why not point to the new PyOgre downloads in the download page of ogre? there it has a pointer to an old file that isn't even in the server anymore.
Another thing is this forum visibility, on the ogre page I didn't see any link for it. Maybe that is the cause of so litle activity in here?


29-09-2005 04:53:25

Maybe that is the cause of so litle activity in here?

The fact that the forum just opened yesterday might have something to do with that too ;)


30-09-2005 17:56:23

The link still point to:

This file doesn't exists.

The forum is new, but it would be a lot more PyOgre users if you start sending the people to the right place :)


30-09-2005 23:10:15

Were did you found the link? I can't find it anywhere on the wiki.


01-10-2005 00:20:36

go to click download then it is the one before the last link. Where is the wiki?


01-10-2005 01:54:20

Ah.. ok. We don't have any control on but I'll ask Simbad to remove the download. For the wiki, just click on the Wiki button at the top of this page.