PyOgre with Stackless Python


23-01-2006 23:30:53

I recently started looking into PyOgre for an MMORPG game I am working on and I was wondering if anyone had tried using PyOgre with Stackless Python (

Stackless Python appears to be extremely well suited for game development. As an example of a succesful commercial game developed with stackless python you can check out CCP Games' .


24-01-2006 13:28:03

I'm using it exclusively with Stackless, you don't even have to build it yourself. The Py2.3 build works flawlessly (as far as I can tell)

If you are interested (and haven't made one already), I have created a handy tasklet interface, based on old code from the Stackless repo. It's basically the same as CCP use for EVE Online (BSD License)


24-01-2006 13:40:52

Much appreciated. I will give this a try over the next couple of days. Thank you.