PyOgre for Ogre 1.2.5?


11-02-2007 04:41:47

PyOgre for Ogre 1.2.5?

I've been happily using PyOgre with Ogre 1.2.4 for many months now, but when I updated to Ogre 1.2.5 things broke. I tried rebuilding PyOgre, but I got this error during python ./ build:

pyogre/ogre/ogre_wrap.cxx: In function 'PyObject* _wrap_GpuProgramParameters_getAutoConstantEntry(PyObject*, PyObject*)':
pyogre/ogre/ogre_wrap.cxx:125981: error: 'class Ogre::GpuProgramParameters::Ogre' has not been declared
pyogre/ogre/ogre_wrap.cxx:125981: error: expected initializer before '*' token
pyogre/ogre/ogre_wrap.cxx:126002: error: 'result' was not declared in this scope
pyogre/ogre/ogre_wrap.cxx:126002: error: 'class Ogre::GpuProgramParameters::Ogre' has not been declared
pyogre/ogre/ogre_wrap.cxx:126002: error: expected primary-expression before ')' token
pyogre/ogre/ogre_wrap.cxx:126014: error: 'result' was not declared in this scope
error: command 'i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc' failed with exit status 1

Is anyone planning on updating PyOgre for 1.2.5?

Thank you for your time,


11-02-2007 05:54:32

I can't comment on PyOgre, however there isn't anything stopping you using Python-Ogre for Ogre 1.2.x, except for the fact we have been focused on the up and coming Ogre 1.4 release and hence haven't really bothered twesking against 1.2.x..

If however you want to do a Python-Ogre build under Linux for Ogre 1.2.5 then we are happy to help you..

Otherwise stay on Ogre 1.2.4 (with PyOgre) and switch to Python-Ogre when Ogre 1.4 is released :)



11-02-2007 06:58:40

If you think it is workable, I am happy to attempt a Python-Ogre build for Ogre 1.2.5.

I'll start building the dependencies now. I can't say I am a big fan of manually installing a bunch of SVN/CVS builds, as I know it can cause problems latter on if I don't carefully track it, but apparently I have no choice.

How hard will it be for me to convert my existing PyOgre code to Python-Ogre? I suppose I'm going to have to do this eventually anyway, as Python-Ogre appears to be the future of Python bindings for Ogre =/

Thank you for your time,

EDIT: Do I *really* need the cvn of boost? I have1.33.1-r1. Compiling boost has in my experience always been a huge pain...

EDIT2: Is this the correct fingerprint for the Python-Ogre SVN rep "Fingerprint: 69:c1:68:a3:30:83:53:71:f0:f1:b4:b9:c4:6f:91:2a:ab:a2:31:a2"?


11-02-2007 10:00:14

What version etc of Linux are you running??

And a "bigger" question to the group relating to this (and excuse the ignorance as I've been out of the Linux space for about 6-7 years, yes Linux did exist back then :) )...

Just how compatible are binaries built on one system with another ? Has Libc etc standardised enough that we can start collecting binary builds of boost/gccxml/etc and posting them on the web site so that others don't have the pain of third party builds?? -- this way they can focus on the Python-Ogre pain only :)

I'm going to switch this conversation over to the Python-Ogre mailing list as it's possible more relevant there :)




13-02-2007 01:10:32

I'm going to switch this conversation over to the Python-Ogre mailing list as it's possible more relevant there :)
I'm still not convinced that is the reality. I mean, in practical terms, who is here talking about PyOgre development anymore? It's all Python-Ogre because PyOgre appears effectively dead. I could be wrong, of course, but I see little evidence of PyOgre thriving anymore.

It just comes across as snobbish by those who are quick to pop in and let everyone know to get your dirty Python-Ogre conversations off the PyOgre forum. (Not you, Andy.) It seems a lot more valuable to the likely future where Python-Ogre becomes official and those snubbed conversations that were politely taken elsewhere will be useful.


I'll get back to work on my games now.......


13-02-2007 02:12:28

I don't know who you are talking of but I can only remember me doing that (telling some people to move to Python-Ogre list), but I was/am not trying to snub Python-Ogre (that would be odd). I was just trying to show respect to PyOgre team. After all while Python-Ogre is more featureful, PyOgre is actually has a stable release and a complete set of Demos.


13-02-2007 09:32:18

You definitely have to clarify your post. Until now Python-Ogre team shows respect to PyOgre creators and I don't see reason why this will change in future.

There are cases where we think that some posts will fill this forum with useless technical details. In these case we prefer to take conversation to the development list. The list is open and you can search it:


14-02-2007 07:26:31

Maybe it was just my perception of it that it seemed overly harsh or snippy. I see that PyOgre is still kicking around, so I was apparently off-base there. My apologies to all. I have total respect and gratitude to both teams for their hard work and only wish the best for both projects.